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Who is eligible to apply? Do I have to be a certain major?
STEMCats is open to all first year students who are majoring in a  STEM discipline (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or are interested in a STEM major. Anyone with an interest in a STEM field is encouraged to apply.
How do I apply?
Students apply via their UK Housing Application in the MyUK online portal. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2021.

Where do STEMCats live?
All STEMCats live together in Ball Hall residence hall. Ball Hall boasts suite style living with private bedrooms and  is conveniently located near the state of the art Jacobs Science Building, the William T. Young Library, the very popular Johnson Center fitness facility, and one of the largest dining facilities on campus.
Who will I room with?
All STEMCat students are paired with other STEMCat students as roommates. If you and your desired roomate are both in STEMCats, you can request a specific roomate via the UK Housing Application.

What courses am I required to take?

During the Fall, all incoming STEMCat students will participate in a course on careers & research in STEM (BIO 101 - 1 credit hour). In the spring term, students will participate in a research lab (BIO 199 - 1 credit hours) where they will get hands-on research experience.

I am interested in participating in both STEMCats and the Honors Program. How can I do both?

   As a member of the STEMCats LLP you will reside with other STEMCats in Ball Hall. But, you may also participate in the UK Honors Program.

I will be participating in the University Marching Band or sorority rush. Can I still be in the STEMCats program?

Students participating in Band or Rush can also participate in STEMCats.  In collaboration with the Band Director and Panhellenic Council , we have determined a mutually beneficial schedule for students.  For more information regarding your collaborative schedule, please contact
How will participating in the program affect my schedule? Will it take me longer to graduate?
The impact to your schedule will be minimal, approximately two additional credit hours.  Those two hours will give you direct insight into science and professional careers plus you will do research your first year.  As always, an academic advisor will work closely with you to make sure you are registered for the correct courses. Participating in the program will not extend the amount of time you need to graduate. In fact, having a close community of students and faculty to support you, will keep you on track for graduating on time.

What are the requirements for program participation?

During the school year,  STEMCats students are required to successfully complete the fall BIO 101 (one credit) course and the spring BIO 199 (one credit) lab section. In addition to these courses, STEMCat students are required to meet with their assigned student mentor during the academic year.

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